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Welcome to Pho Boston Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine!


Oni & Jocelyn
We're from New Haven and travelling to West Hartford to savor Vietnamese fare at Pho Boston is and has always been worth the trip for us. Everyone from the owner(s) a lovely lady, to their children (son and daughter) to the multi-national staff are always warm and friendly, which only add flavor to their very delicious and well prepared foods. If they would only open one in New Haven so we wouldn't have to drive that far! Wishing everyone at PHO BOSTON the very best for this New Year!!
Dec 31, 2014 09:46
Best thing I got out of that crappy ex boyfriend was this place! Food is phenomenal and staff is always pleasent. I dream of the day they decide to start delivering
Dec 14, 2014 18:28
Pho Boston is my favorite restaurant in greater Hartford area: The food is delicious, and service is fast and friendly. The staff and owners are as welcoming of single diners as they are of families and groups. Between the great food and the warm, friendly atmosphere, I make it a point to visit weekly
Apr 19, 2014 03:05
Great food, excellent service
Mar 07, 2014 07:56
I usually don't write reviews but the food that I had here was one of the best that I have had. The service of the waiters was excellent because we were seated right away and that he came over with water and tea right away and then came back quickly to take our food order. The food came out really quick and that it was an enjoyable experience that I had. The food was amazing and it tasted great and was elegantly presented
Dec 17, 2013 10:03
I don't normally write reviews, but the reason I wanted to write was because so many people said there was poor service, yet the service was one if the best things I noticed about this place. They seated me right away, brought me water and a napkin right away without me asking. Then they took my order and brought my food just as quickly. I visited a couple of days ago and I'm going back there today. I get the pho and taro bubble tea, highly recommended overall
Jul 26, 2013 09:23
Food is good but service is bad. If you don't ask for water or napkin, you won't get it. You won't even get the check. You will need to see the cashier. They will come place your order and bring you your food but that's it. If you need a waiter, you would need to keep staring at them just to get their attention
Jul 09, 2013 13:09
anonym user
Best pad thai ever! And I have had a lot of them. Pho Boston has the look, feel, service and most importantly the excellent and authentic food of any good Asian restaurant in any big city Chinatown district anywhere. At any given time, HALF THE CUSTOMERS ARE ORIENTAL, and this is West Hartford, Connecticut! What does that tell you? Yes the decor is old and worn. So what. The staff is good natured and helpful enough, while still being all business, which is just fine with me. They deliver efficient and prompt service. They are not there to kiss your ass, you high maintenance complainers
Jul 03, 2013 15:48
I went for the first time with some co-workers for lunch. The food at this place is excellent. I never had Vietnamese before, but the food at this restaurant is very fresh and delicious. Since my first time there, I have returned for dinner with my wife and she was also extremely happy with the food. The only thing to improve would be the restaurant's appearance. It definitely needs a modern makeover. If this restaurant was in a nicer area with a modern look, it could easily be a high end restaurant
May 20, 2013 09:52
anonym user
I have # 27 in my blood - recommend it even as take out
Apr 11, 2013 18:51
anonym user
I eat lunch here every 2 weeks. I love pho & usually get the same thing, chicken w clear noodles & it always comes out fast, hot & delicious except on the rare occasion there's more dark meat than I'd like. The shrimp spring rolls are fresh & tasty too. The problem w this place is the staff, they will come to your table 2xs, to take your order & to drop your food. You better make the best of those 2 visits (ask for napkins, water etc) bc u will not see them again. They will not ask if your food is ok or if u need anything. If u call them over for something, they act like its a chore & never smile. Also, I never seem to get my bill anymore, I usually have to go to the cashier & they find it for u there... But the I like the pho so much I've mastered working w the neglectful waiters. U should too, it's worth it
Mar 29, 2013 16:38
I've been a patron of Pho Boston since they opened. The owners are really nice people and always treat me like family. The wait staff is a mixture of Asians with different backgrounds and languages. Since the Asian clientele is also varied, the different language skills come in handy. The decor is nothing special, but who cares? It's a pretty traditional restaurant like what you would see in many Asian countries. The menu can be a little confusing because the Vietnamese and Cantonese dishes are intermingled without identifying which is which. But both the Vietnamese and Cantonese food are excellent. To the idiots who gave the restaurant one or two stars and complained about the service, food, owners, etc: if you are an idiot, expect to be treated like an idiot. You probably deserved it. Intelligent people know that if you want to be treated well, you make friends with the owners and the wait staff. So quit your juvenile whining and grow up
Mar 20, 2013 10:48
anonym user
Time and time again this place has proved to have the worse wait staff around. Rude and loud waiter, the small guy is truly rude. You get seated and get no utensils, or beverage. Then you get the food and need to ask for the utensils and napkins. You ask again and get told off. This place is also dirty and the owners are just as rude. Will not be going back and will tell everyone not to. Get some manners Boston Pho
Mar 18, 2013 19:24
Drew Matlick
Great restaurant. Never had vietnamese food and it was fantastic. Definitely making it a weekly dinner place
Jan 17, 2013 16:44
Me and my family tried the Thai Hot Pot and it was delicious! I would definitely recommend this to any hot pot fan
Jan 06, 2013 00:29
anonym user
The food at Pho Boston is awesome! I've been coming for years and I'm never disappointed with what I try. The service is sometimes a little slow, but once you order they're very quick to bring out your dishes. I always recommend this place to friends. Yum
Dec 31, 2012 11:48
racial vietnamese
the food is OK, but the service is fucking shit...I order 4 com suon nuong with out egg ,,, than I order two egg in the separate plates,,, but they don't understand me and they mad at me..... that is the fucking shit service,,,first time I saw in the USA..
Sep 03, 2012 23:48
My wife and I have come here once every two weeks for about 11 years - their pho is delicious (my favorite of the 6 or so places I've tried - tasty broth) and wife likes the combo fried rice. If you are all about decoration, presentation and being treated with a high level of hands-on service, this is not your place. However, if you want to be seated in 3 mins, and be eating 10 mins later, this is your place. Easy to bring the kids - stuff comes fast, and kids like to look at the fish tank. Staff is consistently friendly, but could be better about bringing water. Also, sometimes we get tea, sometimes not. Hmmm? After eating, don't wait for the bill. Go up to the counter. The owner (I assume) is usually there, and always has a smile and asks about our kids if we don't bring them. Summary: we live in WH center, and this is the only restaurant that we drive to any more
Aug 12, 2012 11:24
My husband and I always end up coming here every few weeks or so, they're great with take out, and the resteraunt service is wonderful. The food always comes out warm and delicious and very well made with large portions. I cannot say enough good things about this place, many of my friends have been going here for months
Aug 10, 2012 18:35
This is the closest you will get to authentic, home cooked Vietnamese food!!!! Every time I come I have to get the Pho and Summer Rolls!!!
Jun 04, 2012 16:12
So Good!
Apr 27, 2012 20:12
Gia Hoa Lam
I have been eating here for many years, the place has a nice comfort of having friendly waiters greet you and it brings me back to Vietnam. The food is amazing, the people here did not try to add some American twist which makes it traditional. The whole entire time I'm here I can not stop looking at my dish. I recommend the Com Chieng ( Pork Fried Rice)
Mar 25, 2012 14:10
Ry Leung
Worse place I have ever been to, suck food no flavor and suck service
Mar 04, 2012 13:05
anonym user
We've been going to Pho Boston for years. The food is consistently good and the prices are unbelievably low. I have no complaints about service. In all the times we've gone there we've only had to complain about service twice. Both times the ownere (who is almost always on site) corrected the problem immediately
Feb 29, 2012 12:47
Food: The food was ok. I have been to several Vietnamese restaurants and this place is average at best. Not bad but nothing to write home about. Service: In a word, awful. The service has consistently been non existent. I gave them a chance several times however they prove to have long wait times for water and utensils, seating on dirty tables, no server comes to check up on you or refill drinks, often forget items you ordered, and the language barrier is definitely a challenge. Atmosphere: One big room with outdated furniture, scummy carpets, & cheap artwork and fixtures. There is no privacy since the tables are close together and the neon signs give it a fast food Chinese food feel. Price: Reasonable. Although the drinks are over priced. Bottom line: Gave it a chance a few times in the off chance the service had a weird night. Will not be returning and will make sure to discourage others from going there
Feb 28, 2012 13:40
anonym user
The PHO is probably the best but I have to say the worst service, they don\'t give you utensils and water unless you ask for it, do not check on you to see how things are going, and most of all its difficult for them to get your order correct. Sometimes they would forget some of your orders and charge you. Other than that the food is the only thing that keeps me coming back
Feb 25, 2012 20:43
First time at this place. Horrible experience. Place was not busy, but waited 10 mins to be seated while others who came in after me were greeted and seated as soon as they walked in the door. I was finally asked \"Can I help you?\" UM! I\'m waiting to be seated!! Hello, your sign says Please Wait to be Seated! After that, a huge family and another couple came in and were seated before me. I left
Feb 18, 2012 00:13
Julianne and Zack
Went there on a busy Saturday for lunch and still had great service and food. We tried the beef skewers, delish! Similar to beef jerky. Next was the stuffed crepe, huge and tasty. Last but not least the pho #17. I will be going back soon! Very yummy!!
Jan 28, 2012 17:01
anonym user
Pros: 1) The pho was pretty good. I had the big bowl (xe lua) and I could have gone for two. 2)The place is one big room and as is most pho shops fairly kid friendly
Jan 05, 2012 17:15
Excellent Pho. Fresh spring rolls are a rare treat in this cookie cutter industry. I will return often. One tip...get there before noon when the rubes show By the way...Etiquette Lesson: If you want moo shoo pork, go to a chinese restaurant. If you come here looking for egg rolls, you are in the wrong place. And for Buddha's sake, stay off the phone while you are ordering. If your friend wants to eat there, tell them to get there
Jan 04, 2012 13:14
anonym user
Great food and fast service! Just the way we like it
Dec 25, 2011 15:50
Anon E. Moose
I like this restaurant quite a bit. I've been going there for quite some time and have just now discovered they have a site. Anyways, try the Sate Dac Biet, you wont be sorry
Nov 05, 2011 14:19
Rezi O Ritono(Toni 2002)
good job man, A rich taste all food. ex kom ga neun
Aug 06, 2011 03:35
We have been coming to this restaurant for a long time until recently running into a waiter name Tony. He was so rude to us. Not only did everyone hear exactly what I ordered and I made it clear by placing the order by number. He brought out a totally different dish. I told him this is not what I ordered and he started shouting at us and told us we need to speak Vietnamese next time. He never admitted fault but also in front of my mom and wife, he gave us an attitude without saying sorry. I lost my appetite and gave up. Pho Boston needs to train Tony how to treat customers. He at first spoke very nicely. But once he is wrong, he became a different person. I don't think I will be coming back. Tony, the customer came to eat, not to listen to you
Mar 19, 2011 16:38
anonym user
Mar 04, 2011 10:14
Steve Melanson
Today was our first trip to Pho Boston and it won't be our last. Great service and our meals were super. Can't wait to try another type of soup
Feb 13, 2011 19:12
Nancy Grady
We love Pho Boston. The food is so good. The Staff is very friendly. I wish I lived closer, but well worth the trip. The food is amazing. We love Pho!!
Dec 08, 2010 05:47
anonym user
For me this is the best restaurant to have the Pho beef soup. Their soup is full of flavor unlike others that are bland. They also have a lot to choose from
Nov 05, 2010 11:06
rhonda keel
1 word....soup. it is OUT of this world
Nov 01, 2010 20:50
Service is good. Waiters and staff are intelligent enough to understand the context and time squeeze in lunch time. They serve fast and fresh. I ordered Tofu fried rice it came up in no time and is fresh and delicious. I can not comment on authenticity as I am not a vietnameese. Tea served is hot and savory. They serve fresh sprouts and hot tea for free with any order
Oct 20, 2010 11:16
anonym user
The food is a little expensive to what we're used to paying but the service is quick and friendly...I highly recommend #17 (sate dac biet) if you're a fan of the spicy pho'!!! By the way, if you're a fast eater, dont wait for your bill...Most of the time you'll have to go up and pay at the friendly counter
Oct 18, 2010 15:13
Peter Granger
the food was just wounderful the best PHo i ever had absoluetly a delight. But the first waiter me and my friend had was just down right rude we told him what we wanted but he insisted on telling us what americans like to eat. it took a few ins for him to understand we were not changing our choice. then he walked away with out taking our order and another person came and he was good not rude at all and realy the reason why we stayed to eat which we were bothvery happy we did the price was grea i almost could not finish my food and i ordered the small. its a faily feel very nice. i will be going back and just hope the get rid of that idiot. because of that guy they get 4 star
Sep 23, 2010 14:22
Pho Boston is my favorite restaurant in the Greater Hartford area! I had never had Vietnamese food before coming here for the first time five years ago, and though I've tried pho at several other places since then, Pho Boston is THE BEST! I have brought everyone I know here at some point or another, from my picky vegan friends to my discerning unadventurous parents, and Pho Boston instantly becomes THEIR favorite place to eat, too! The service is awesome - everyone is very polite and patient. The place is always clean, and the food is consistently amazing. I would recommend Pho Boston to any and everyone who likes to eat. :
Aug 16, 2010 12:38
anonym user
This restaurant is great food!, every time i have been here which is over 3X a week the food qualiity is always amazing and the menu never gets old
Apr 10, 2010 12:56
julie and adam
My boyfriend and I come here about once every 2 weeks and have never been disappointed... Great food and a rare find in a shopping center you would probably drive right pass with out ever thinking of stopping. If you want an authentic, affordable, and delicious meal, then check it out! Personally love xe lua but I'm sure you will find your favorite.
Nov 07, 2009 21:05

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